"I teach illustration
and creative entrepreneurship classes"

Color & Light Masterclass
Learn from real life examples

How to Make Money as an Artist
Proven ways to a creative career you will love

"This worth it every single second. The advice based on personal and other artist experiences made an outstanding mix of tips for artists of any level. Also, another cool thing is that Iva uses words and a way of explanation that is super simple at the same time that it is useful. I would also say that this course complements in a very good way the Artside of Life Youtube interviews.Highly recommended course. Thank you, Iva! Keep it up with the humbleness of sharing the gems of the creative careers!"

- Manuel (Skillshare Student)

The Practical Guide to Procreate
Illustrate on your iPad

Animated Illustrations
Design your collection of GIFs

"I loved this class, I never tried animation before and this class explained some basic steps in a very clear way! Thank you"

- Anna (Skillshare Student)

Travel Poster Illustration
Design your favorite city & place

Productivity for Creative Entrepreneurs
Feel accomplished & achieve your dreams

"Thank you, great class. I was looking for the right motivation to plan my creative projects this year and Ivas class delivered exactly that."

- Mike (Skillshare Student)

Drawing Backgrounds
Basics of perspective

"This is a great source of information for any aspiring Artist! Great work Iva! Thank you!"

- Laura (Skillshare Student)

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